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Toughest of Equestria [Collab] :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 13 23 Saffron Scent Midnight Scene [Contest Entry] :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 13 36 Mochaccino Collab :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 9 4 A pillow for SnowSky! ^^ [Gift] :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 8 18 100 Watchers! :D Thank you everyone! ^^ :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 16 29 Deal With It :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 16 27 Pony Music - Chrysalis (Dubstep) :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 19 15 Lyra Battletime :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 10 5 Cute Lyra Heartstrings :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 31 6 Twidash 20% Cooler + Lyra :iconidrawspony:idrawspony 10 2


You're gonna go far kid :iconimalou:Imalou 1,078 45 Queen Chrysalis Wallpaper (1920 x 1080) :iconj-zykov:J-Zykov 123 7 Dark magic, white coat :icontomatocoup:tomatocoup 456 19 [Patreon Reward] Sleeping habits :iconpucksterv:PucksterV 58 21 The Mane 9 :iconnikkikittyx:NikkiKittyx 194 21 Grown Up Flurry Heart :iconart-of-aa:art-of-aa 20 5 Courtship :iconmagnaluna:MagnaLuna 565 21 Kraget Request :iconshadowthefilly:ShadowTheFilly 6 7 ( AT) Candy :iconwindymils:WindyMils 69 14 Tia :iconlittlespiritrose:littleSpiritRose 169 38 Moonbutt :iconhiccupsthenoodle:HiccupsTheNoodle 71 2 Flutterbat :iconkrrrokozjabrra:Krrrokozjabrra 293 8 Batpony :iconkrrrokozjabrra:Krrrokozjabrra 216 19 Lollipop :iconelskafox:ElskaFox 41 15 [RQ] idrawspony - Mochaccino :iconkoninjin:KoNinjin 7 3 Fleur :iconmomomistress:MomoMistress 265 28



Toughest of Equestria [Collab]
Hey, hey, hey my friends! : D

Collab 2outta3! Collab partner was helping me out as a gift! When I introduced the idea of a "bad mares" kind of thingy, he found the idea as cool as I did! But as we both usually do "cute" stuff, he prefers to remain anonymous. : P 

So lets talk about the approach here:
I sketched Twilight (and fucked up the proportions -_-) and he sketched Colgate! Then we switched! I colored Minuette while he colored the princess of friendship. haha

As I noticed that my shading style sucks in comparison with his shading skills, I let him shade Minuette too.

The background is a work of both of us also! :) I really wanted some graffities and so I found this amazing site for graffiti fonts! So if you ever need some, go here:…

He did the whole police like atmosphere as well. haha

Really, I will get back to cute but this was some refreshing fun for me and him! Don't take anything serious that is represented here, PLEASE! xD It's just some sort of fun! I don't support drugs and I don't support swearing! (I'm such a fucking hypocrite haha)

Anyway, have fun with this picture! :D
Saffron Scent Midnight Scene [Contest Entry]
Alright, so here's a new work! :D I made this for Blumydia's contest! (Posted a journal about it.) It is one of her OCs called Saffron Scent on a landscape (because she likes plants and flowers) at a night of a full moon!

As you can see, I really wanted to experiment with luminescence and shimmers and all that good stuff! ^^ So what's a better way to try that out than a full moon scene at night? : P

After some neat tutorials, I went ahead and did all these nice layers of light and stuff - went out of hand a bit but I still made it kinda work I guess. ^^ 

Also, I pushed myself for more hard shading style... I still have a tendency to make shadings too soft and I wanna unlearn that habit. I like hard shading way more, though at some spots I feel I just simply have to make the edges of the shadings a bit softer in order to keep it more on the realistic side? I think so at least.

But really, I'm pretty proud about it! :) The colors match all so well together! ^-^

Will get a tablet in May btw, which will hopefully open up new opportunites artwise. I'm excited!

Thank you Blumydia for that cool contest! I hope you like it! ^^
Do I have to put a mature flag on a drawing that has a marijuana leaf in the background? (It's big though)
13 deviants said No, you don't have to. It's just a plant, no big deal.
3 deviants said Yes, that's totally not kid friendly!
1 deviant said what do I care?
Mochaccino Collab
Alright, here's collab 1outta3! It's my previously adopted earth pony Mochaccino drinking coffee2go lol

And no, I didn't just develop impressive skills in drawing hair, it's only so good because :icontwinke19: is a great artist!
So be sure to check her out and leave a watch!

Also, credits where credits are due, I got inspired by Coffee Pommel

Hope you like it and see you next time!
Mochaccino by Lovely Symphony [Adopted]
My adobptable Mochaccino C:

Doesn't have a cm here but I'll make her one. ^^


idrawspony's Profile Picture
I always had the desire to become a musician. Now, since I'm a brony I found a reason and inspiration to make my dream come true. :D

So if you like visit me on YouTube! :)…

Have a great day!

I'm lonely. :'C

Profile pic is created by her:
(Go, check her out! She's amazing!)

And now have a list of ponies I like ;P



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